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McKenzie Mitchell Discusses Pro Wrestling Path and WWE Experience on Insight

3 Key Points

  • Mitchell’s unexpected journey in professional wrestling began in 2016 with no prior industry aspirations.
  • Mentorship from Drake Maverick and Jeremy Borash was crucial to her development.
  • Mitchell shares her admiration for industry respect and experiences transitioning to WWE.

McKenzie Mitchell’s Accidental Foray into Wrestling

Former “WWE NXT” interviewer McKenzie Mitchell recently opened up on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” about her serendipitous start in professional wrestling. Mitchell’s journey took off in 2016 with Impact Wrestling, despite lacking prior exposure to the sport. Reflecting on the origins of her career, she recounted, “I didn’t expect this, I didn’t watch [wrestling] as a kid growing up.”

Guidance and Growth in the Wrestling World

Colleagues like Drake Maverick played vital roles as she navigated the complexities of the wrestling business. Mitchell appreciated his willingness to offer support and direction. “If you have any questions, this business can be interesting, call me,” Maverick told her. Furthermore, lending a hand in honing her presenting skills was Jeremy Borash, who showed her the ropes in captivating a live audience.

Embracing Industry Respect and Advancing to WWE

While learning the ins and outs of wrestling, Mitchell was struck by the deep-seated respect prevalent within the industry. It’s this element of wrestling culture she found both surprising and essential. Not initially securing a role with WWE in 2017, she persevered and successfully joined the digital team in 2019, rising to her desired role in “NXT.”

Witnessing the Ascendancy of Fellow Wrestlers

Mitchell took a moment to acknowledge former Impact colleagues who’ve made their mark in WWE, particularly highlighting LA Knight’s progress as a testament to their shared past and the future potential of wrestlers in the business. Seeing him thrive, she expressed both awe and pride, “It’s bizarre to watch his rise in WWE, it’s so exciting! I still can’t look at him and be like ‘Wow, you are a megastar!’ But he’s a megastar, and I’m so proud of him.”

McKenzie Mitchell’s transparency in sharing her wrestling narrative and her insights into the industry’s camaraderie offers a unique look at the dynamics at play behind the scenes in pro wrestling.

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