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Pivotal WWE Smackdown Ratings Slightly Dip, Yet Surpass 2021’s Historical Stats

Greetings grappling enthusiasts! We’ve got some interesting number crunching going on backstage in the world of WWE SmackDown. Now, let’s break it down, just like our favorite wrestlers dismantle their opponents in the ring.

The episode of WWE SmackDown that aired on Friday found itself wrestling against a slightly descending scale of viewership numbers. The grand spectacle spectacular that fights for our attention every week managed to pull in 2,253,000 viewers on our beloved network FOX. Yes, the numbers may have taken a slight dip this week from the previous performance of 2,417,000 viewers, but remember, every match isn’t won in the first round.

Now, let’s talk about the cutthroat competition going on in the key demographic. A crucial age group, the 18-49 demographic, deemed by advertisers and network executives to be the sweet spot of audience engagement, drew a rating of 0.59. This might seem like it’s been dealt a low blow compared to last week’s 0.62, but it’s not down for the count just yet.

When we roll back and rebound off the ropes to look at last year’s stats around this time, an intriguing picture begins to form. October 21st of the good old year of 2022 had SmackDown grappling with an audience of 2,231,000 viewers and managed to secure a 0n impressive 0.52 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Now that’s what wrestling aficionados call “holding your audience in a headlock”.

Jump a year further back to the October 22nd, 2021 episode and you’ll find that it mustered an audience of 2,249,000 viewers. The numbers speak for themselves, all ardent fans can attest to the relentless battle that unfolds in and around the WWE universe, both inside and outside the ring.

Despite our recent body-slam into a slight viewership decline, WWE SmackDown continues to deliver an impressive performance by historical standards. The colorful carnival of body slams, dropkicks, and figure-four leg-locks may have seen similar dips and rises in the past, but it continues to win the match against time with its loyal fanbase.

Now more than ever, we’re reminded of the timeless classic, “You can’t keep a good wrestler down”. So, stay tuned, stay hyped, as we continue to bring you the body-slamming business of pro-wrestling.

Source: SportsTVRatings

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