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Pro Wrestling Showdown: WWE Pack MSG While AEW Battles Empty Seats

3 Key Points

  • Kevin Nash speaks on production differences between WWE and AEW.
  • A visual comparison between audience turnout at WWE and AEW events.
  • WWE’s live event success, highlighted with a big turnout for CM Punk’s match.

Wrestling Legend Kevin Nash Points Out Production Nuances

On the latest edition of the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash, a powerhouse name in professional wrestling, offered some insider observations. He zoomed in on AEW’s production during a segment that welcomed Jim Ross back in Oklahoma City. In what appeared to be an unintended revelation, the broadcast showcased a swath of empty seats—a stark contrast to the usually packed arenas in WWE broadcasts.

AEW vs WWE: The Battle for Audience Presence

Nash pointed out the striking difference between how AEW and WWE manage their visual presentation. While AEW’s cameras inadvertently highlighted less-than-full stands in their show, WWE employs strategic camera angles to maintain the illusion of a perpetually full house. This not only affects the at-home audience’s perception but could also speak to the respective popularity and marketing strategies of the two wrestling enterprises.

WWE’s Live Event Draws Impressive Crowd

Contrasting AEW’s sparse attendance in certain sections, WWE continues to boast significant numbers. Notably, Madison Square Garden recently played host to over 15,000 fans during the holiday season. Signifying a triumphant moment, the event was further embellished with CM Punk’s much-anticipated return—the superstar’s first WWE match after a lengthy hiatus, which inherently boosted turnout. The difference in audience attendance at live shows demonstrates the current disparities in brand pull and audience engagement that define the contemporary wrestling landscape.

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