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Pro Wrestling Spotlight: AEW Worlds End Unmasks ‘The Devil’

3 Key Points

  • MJF versus Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship culminates with a shocking title change.
  • MJF’s plans are thwarted as ‘The Devil’ and his masked associates are finally unveiled.
  • Post-match chaos introduces a new champion and sets the stage for future AEW storylines.

AEW World Title Match Ends with Unexpected Twist

At the climax of AEW’s World End event, viewers witnessed the culmination of the mysterious ‘AEW Devil’ storyline. In a pivotal matchup, MJF confronted Samoa Joe for the coveted AEW World Championship. Despite a fierce competition, Samoa Joe’s resilience prevailed, and he secured a victory to become the new AEW World Champion, leaving both the live audience and viewers at home astounded.

The Devil’s Identity Revealed

Following the title match’s intense conclusion, attention quickly shifted as ‘The Devil’s Masked Men’ made their ominous approach. The suspenseful moments that ensued ended in a theatrical unmasking, revealing Adam Cole as the mastermind behind the ‘Devil’ persona, with his accomplices including Matt Taven and Mike Bennett of The Kingdom, Roderick Strong, and Wardlow. The faction’s display left fans electrified as they confirmed their influence in AEW.

Future Implications for AEW Storylines

With the dominos falling in place, MJF’s apparent sabbatical from AEW opens narrative pathways, leaving viewers to speculate on Adam Cole’s intentions following the startling developments. Wrestling fans are eagerly looking ahead, contemplating the ripple effects of Worlds End’s electrifying moments on AEW’s dynamic storytelling landscape.

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Adam Cole’s Twitter post succinctly encapsulated the revelation:

“New Year, Real Me. #Hero” – Adam Cole (@AdamColePro)

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