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R-Truth Proclaims Joining The Judgment Day Post Haircut: Is It Official?

3 Key Points

  • R-Truth celebrates a new look, hinting at joining The Judgment Day faction.
  • Teaming with The Miz, R-Truth secures a win on RAW Day 1, fueling his storyline.
  • Rhea Ripley refutes R-Truth’s claims of being part of The Judgment Day.

WWE Superstar R-Truth’s Quest to Join The Judgment Day

Following his comeback at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event, R-Truth has become a persistent presence on WWE’s Monday Night RAW, where he’s made it his objective to align with The Judgment Day. His efforts seemed to take a step forward after a tag team victory with The Miz, as Truth appears to view this win as his rite of passage into the faction.

R-Truth Embraces Change with A New Haircut

R-Truth shared his latest transformation on Instagram, where the humorous and charismatic wrestler boasted about his new haircut. Associating his fresh look with successfully joining The Judgment Day, he playfully underscored his update with a soundtrack titled “Making The Cut.”

Rhea Ripley Denies R-Truth’s Membership in The Faction

As R-Truth revels in what he deems as initiation, Rhea Ripley, a core member of The Judgment Day, has dismissed his claims. She categorically states that he is not part of the group, which adds intrigue to the narrative as fans anticipate the developments leading to the Royal Rumble event on January 27th.

Wrestling Community Speculates on R-Truth’s Fate

The wrestling aficionados are abuzz with R-Truth’s antics and the uncertain future of his involvement with The Judgment Day. Will WWE scripts pave the way for R-Truth to officially become a member, or is this yet another comedic episode in the wrestler’s storied career? Only the unfolding episodes of RAW and the approaching Royal Rumble will tell.

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