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WWE Appoints Lee Fitting as New Head of Media & Production Amid Speculation

3 Key Points

  • Lee Fitting replaces Kevin Dunn as WWE’s Head of Media & Production.
  • Mixed reactions spread within the wrestling community about the hiring decision.
  • Speculation ensues over former WWE executive Mike Mansury’s potential return.

WWE’s Leadership Transition: Lee Fitting Steps In

Following a significant change in WWE’s upper echelons, Lee Fitting has succeeded Kevin Dunn as Head of Media & Production, as revealed in a company press release dated January 9, 2024. Nick Khan, President of WWE, championed Fitting’s impressive resume, which includes a notable tenure at ESPN.

Industry Buzz Around Fitting’s Selection

While the appointment of Lee Fitting brings a fresh face to WWE’s front office, the wrestling world has voiced varied opinions regarding this strategic move. Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer discussed the ambiguity clouding Fitting stating, “It was an interesting move because everybody expected someone from wrestling to be promoted.” Meltzer referenced the industry’s surprise at not seeing a wrestling insider ascending to the role.

Mike Mansury’s Contractual Complexities

Speculation swirled concerning the possible reacquisition of Mike Mansury, notwithstanding his departure and subsequent 2022 entry into AEW as a pivotal figure. Addressing these rumors, Meltzer pointed out the challenge of such pursuits due to binding contractual commitments. He emphasized, “A lot of people just think WWE snaps fingers and they can get anyone, but the reality is contracts are contracts, that ain’t that easy.”

Industry Reaction to Fitting’s Appointment

The wrestling community’s opinions on Fitting’s new role are split. Some see potential for innovation given his non-wrestling background. Others remain cautious, intrigued by what this could mean for the future of WWE’s media and production direction.

Your insights are welcome in the comment section regarding Lee Fitting’s takeover as WWE’s Head of Media & Production and the mixed backstage reactions stemming from this recent appointment. Will Fitting’s external perspective propel WWE’s media to new heights? Engage with us as we continue to provide the latest developments in WWE’s evolving corporate landscape.

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