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Rainbow WWE NXT Championships Will Reportedly Be Replaced

WWE previously relaunched NXT as NXT 2.0 and a lot of significant changes were made with the relaunch such as which type of Superstars will be the main attraction or pushed forward, the color scheme, the set and the championship titles. The rainbow color championship titles were introduced when WWE would rebrand NXT to NXT 2.0, but NXT 2.0 would revert back to the old NXT black and gold with a little bit of a modification when Triple H was put in charge of creative and it looks like the promotion will be replacing the rainbow color titles with the old design.

According to Belt Fan Dan, who has revealed a number of stories regarding championships, the WWE will no longer be using the rainbow colors on their WWE NXT Championships and they will replace the titles with the prior non-colored design. WWE is no longer using the bright colors of WWE NXT 2.0 as well as the company has gone back to their black and gold color scheme with a little modification and the set of WWE NXT is somewhat similar to the set of WWE NXT 2.0.

You can check out the tweets below:

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