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Backstage WWE Reaction To Vince McMahon Possibly Returning

Vince McMahon retired from WWE this past July after the former CEO had paid out nearly $20 million in previously unrecorded expenses, almost $15 million of which were hush money for the sexual misconduct allegations he received from four women over the past 16 years and $5 million to former United States President Donald Trump’s now-defunct foundation through donations in 2007 and 2009. Vince McMahon has since stepped down from his duties as the company’s CEO, Chairman and Head of Creative with Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon being named as co-CEOs and Triple H being named as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, the Chief Content Officer and the Head of Creative, but the former WWE CEO still has a lot of legal issues he needs to face.

Wall Street Journal reported that a legal representative of Vince McMahon received a demand letter on November 3rd from the lawyer of former WWE referee Rita Chatterton as she is asking $11.75 million in damages for raping her in a limo in 1986. Vince’s legal representative also received an email from an attorney of a former spa manager, where he is claiming that the former WWE Chairman and CEO assaulted his client in 2011 at a California resort.

It was also noted that Vince McMahon told people he will not be paying settlements to Rita Chatterton and the former spa manager and that he plans on returning to the WWE. Vince reportedly also told some people that he received bad advice from those close to him telling him to step down from WWE and that he believes the allegations and investigations would have blown over if he had stayed with the WWE.

According to Fightful Select, a talent in the WWE called the news of Vince returning to the promotion “exhausting” and this person was hopeful that McMahon’s tenure in the WWE was “in the rear view,” but this person despite all their comments in regards to the former WWE Chairman, actually had a positive relationship with Vince. Another person expressed concern about some of the talents that was re-hired by Triple H as majority of them were let go by the Vince McMahon regime.

Fightful Select also noted that a WWE higher-up was not concerned and this person even pointed to the fact that stock prices increased, the viewership numbers went up and there is better morale backstage after the former WWE Chairman left the company. A source then mentioned that they do not believe that Vince would be back and it would be “selfish” of him to do so. A long-time WWE employee and more than a dozen people was in agreement that McMahon should not be brought back to the company.

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