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Randy Orton Addresses Possible Move to Hollywood, Reveals Hesitation to Start at the Botto

The One Big Thing

WWE Superstar Randy Orton recently addressed the possibility of venturing into Hollywood, revealing his hesitation to start from the bottom despite his success in the wrestling world.

Key Points

  • Orton is considered by many as the GOAT of WWE, having accomplished nearly everything in his wrestling career
  • He has appeared in several WWE-produced films but hasn’t done a proper Hollywood movie yet
  • Orton is with United Talent Agency and participates in auditions and self-tape submissions
  • However, he is not keen on starting from the bottom in Hollywood, preferring to focus on his wrestling career and family life

Why It Matters

Randy Orton’s potential move to Hollywood has been a topic of interest for fans, given his success in WWE. His decision to prioritize his wrestling career and personal life over small acting roles sheds light on the challenges wrestlers face when transitioning to acting.

Orton’s Perspective

“I really love what I’m doing now. I love watching movies. There’s a lot of work that goes into them. 10, 12 hours a day on set… and I do auditions. I’m with U.T.A. and I do turn in some auditions, I do some self-tapes here and there but, sometimes I’ll see these roles pop up a year or two later that I don’t get and I’ll see it and I’ll be like, ‘Man, I’m glad I didn’t get that role,'” Orton said in an interview with Adam’s Apple.

Prioritizing Family and Wrestling

Orton emphasized his desire to spend time with his family and enjoy his off-time, stating, “Let me just have the time to go home each week to my family, be a father, be a husband, play with my dogs in the yard. I enjoy my off-time so unless it’s a project that is just — I’d be unable to turn it down, I kind of like what I’m doing right now.”

As one of WWE’s top stars, Randy Orton’s decision to focus on his wrestling career and personal life has garnered support from fans. His hesitation to start from the bottom in Hollywood highlights the challenges wrestlers face when transitioning to acting.

What do you think about Randy Orton’s stance on pursuing a Hollywood career? Leave a comment below!

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