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Retired WWE Star Training For In-Ring Return

One Big Thing

Booker T, WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator, is gearing up for a potential return to the wrestling ring, hinting at “one more match” despite his retirement announcement earlier this year.

Key Details

  • Booker T officially retired after a brief appearance in the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble.
  • Despite retirement, he’s considering a comeback match in his Reality of Wrestling promotion.
  • On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T revealed his ongoing training and determination, stating, “It’s hard to walk away from it…I’m thinking about having another match.”
  • He also commented on the never-say-die attitude common among wrestlers, referencing peers like Chris Jericho and The Rock.

Why It Matters

The potential return of Booker T to the ring is a testament to the indomitable spirit of professional wrestlers, who often find it hard to step away from the spotlight. Booker’s comeback could inspire other retired wrestlers while bringing a sense of nostalgia and excitement to fans.

Beyond Booker T

The article also touched on Matt Hardy’s wrestling career, noting his recent departure from AEW and surprise return to TNA Wrestling. Hardy’s unanticipated appearance at the TNA Rebellion pay-per-view showcases the unpredictable nature of wrestling career paths and contracts.


As wrestlers like Booker T and Matt Hardy continue to define their legacies, fans are reminded of the dedication and passion driving the industry. Whether stepping back into the ring or making surprise appearances, these veterans keep the wrestling world dynamic and unpredictable.

What are your thoughts on Booker T training for a return to the ring? Do you think more retired wrestlers should consider comebacks? Leave a comment below.

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