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Ric Flair Signs With AEW, Becomes Face of Wooooo Energy Drink, and Contributes to AEW Community Initiatives

The wrestling world buzzed with excitement as WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair brought his legendary status to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The unveiling of Ric Flair on the AEW scene came as a surprise package to the icon Sting, offered by none other than Tony Khan, on the October 25 episode of AEW Dynamite. The Nature Boy’s presence electrified the audience, foreshadowing the high-profile contract announcement that followed. Ric Flair has inked a two-year deal with the fast-rising wrestling promotion, marking a significant chapter in his illustrious career.

Beyond his on-screen charisma, Ric Flair’s alliance with AEW extends into the sphere of branding with his “Wooooo Energy” becoming the exclusive energy drink of AEW. As part of this new venture, the drink captures the essence of Flair’s high-octane and vibrant persona, infusing a dose of his legendary ‘Wooo’ in every can.

In true Ric Flair fashion, his impact is not limited to the confines of the squared circle. Known for his charismatic nature and the heart he puts into his performance, Flair’s dedication transcends entertainment into community participation. Taking to Twitter, the wrestling icon broadcasted his participation in an AEW community initiative, AEW Together. “I’m Excited To Announce That I Will Be Attending AEW Together’s All Elite Dunk & Shoot NEXT Thursday Night, November 16th, In Inglewood, CA To Benefit BCrusade WOOOOO,” exclaimed Flair. This event aligns with the Brotherhood Crusade’s ongoing efforts, a foundation aimed at providing resources and advocacy for underrepresented communities since 1968.

AEW Together, established as a community outreach program, has been proactive in fostering change and serving localities, further enriched by its rebranding in February 2023. Flair’s engagement with such welfare activities illustrates the depth of AEW’s commitment to societal impact, with legends like Flair stepping up to support and uplift.

Additionally, Flair recently opened up about his departure from WWE, identifying the “really confining” contracts with WWE as a key factor in his decision to embrace the freedom and opportunity offered by AEW. His choice reflects a broader strategy where AEW seems to provide a welcoming space for wrestlers to perform and connect with their fans in more meaningful ways.

As AEW continues to burgeon into a prominent force in the pro wrestling landscape, the addition of Ric Flair to its ranks and his active participation in community initiatives demonstrates the company’s determination to lead with both in-ring excellence and heartfelt outreach programs. Fans and enthusiasts can surely anticipate an invigorated energy and dedication from the legendary superstar as he embarks on this new journey in the AEW world.

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