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Road Dogg Says Creative Is Given Time To Write Talents Off Of TV

WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events and pro wrestling legend Road Dogg revealed on an episode of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast that under the regime of the promotion’s Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative Triple H the creative team is given enough time to write their talents off of NXT TV as that gives them ample time to create something new for them and ample time to prepare creatively.

This is what Road Dogg said:

“Yeah. So all of the above to be quite honest with you because there’s not a strict streamlined process, especially now that Hunter is in charge of the creative. He understands much more about giving fair warning so you can write the person out or write the person off or however you’re going to do it. It gives you time to prepare creatively for that. I like a heads up. So sometimes we got those and sometimes we didn’t. I think going forward, you’ll always, I’m speaking now from NXT creative experience, that we had time to prepare to send people off, but sometimes we got, ‘Hey, we’re taking this person because we got an idea for this and this’, and you could be in the middle of something with them or not, and there they went. So I don’t think it’ll be that way anymore because I think everybody understands at least let me beat him on the way out or let me do something to close the book on his character or whatever. Give us time to create something. I think that’ll happen a lot now.”

Road Dogg also discussed The Riott Squad and how Ruby Riott was always the one who stood out from the other two, but she didn’t look like Liv Morgan and Liv Morgan has improved 100 percent since then and is a legitimate star now. Road Dogg then discussed how he loves working with all Riott, Liv and Sarah Logan as well as how he is a huge fan of Riott till this day because she is like an underdog outsider that people can relate to.

This is what Road Dogg said:

“I’ll tell you this, and this is nothing against Liv. I think she’s improved 100 fold and she’s a legitimate star now and I book her on live events as such and put her in positions that position her as such, and so that’s a different story for a different show, but for me, it was always Ruby Riott. Ruby Riott was always the one. I still to this day think she’s the one out of those three. That is just my personal opinion, but I thought she could work. I thought she could cut promos. She kind of was the total package but she didn’t look like Liv. You know what I mean? So that’s what I figured was the end all be all, but I was a huge fan of Ruby Riott and still to this day a huge fan of her and Liv and Sarah too for that matter. Sarah Logan’s back now and I always love seeing her. She’s fun to be around and what a great name. All three of them are delights to work with and great at what they do. I’m sure the highlight will be Road Dogg hates Liv Morgan or something, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Love her. Love all three of the girls. Personally, what I saw with my little eye was a little, short, scrappy, tattooed girl. Like she’s the underdog outsider that people can relate to and that’s what I thought and I still feel that way.”

You can check out Road Dogg’s comments in the embedded audio player below. H/T to for transcribing the quotes.

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