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Rob Van Dam Opens Up About WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Challenges

3 Key Points

  • RVD’s return to WWE at Money in the Bank 2013 marked by new rules.
  • Concussion protocols and no-blood policies added pressure.
  • RVD managed to continue the match despite getting cut open.

The Return of RVD to WWE

The WWE Universe was electrified at Money in the Bank 2013 with the much-anticipated return of Rob Van Dam (RVD), a pivotal figure in wrestling known for his high-flying style and ECW heritage. Having left WWE in 2007, RVD ventured through various wrestling promotions, including a significant tenure in TNA Wrestling, before making a grand comeback.

New Challenges in a Changed WWE Landscape

In a revealing segment on his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, RVD talked extensively about the evolution of WWE’s approach to wrestler safety and how it influenced his return. Specifically, the introduction of concussion protocols and strict rules against bleeding during matches were significant departures from the WWE he had left years earlier. These changes were part of WWE’s ongoing efforts to address concerns about brain health and the visual impacts of professional wrestling.

RVD shared, “Before I went out there, someone told me ‘you can’t get busted open, they’ve changed that, things are different. If there’s any blood, you’ve got to roll out and the doctor is at ringside now…'”. This scenario put an unforeseen strain on RVD as he navigated his high-profile return, worrying that an accidental cut could abruptly end his match.

Overcoming New Rules for a Successful Return

Despite these obstacles, RVD’s return at Money in the Bank 2013 was memorable, even after he got hit in the head with a ladder causing him to bleed. Adhering to the new policies, he left the ring for medical attention. Fortunately, he was quickly cleared by the on-site medical staff to rejoin the match, ensuring that his comeback wasn’t cut short.

This incident highlights the changing dynamics of professional wrestling, as organizations like WWE continue to adapt to new health and safety standards without compromising the excitement and athleticism that fans love. RVD’s experience at Money in the Bank 2013 serves as a testament to his resilience and the evolving nature of the sport.

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