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Roman Reigns’ Cousin Lance Anoai: Rising Star on the Brink of Joining WWE’s Bloodline Saga?

The Anoai Family’s legacy is an indelible part of the wrestling world, their influence extending across generations and playing a paramount role in shaping the landscape of this exhilarating industry. At the center of it all, leading the family lineage with pride and power, is none other than Roman Reigns, the cornerstone of the WWE’s Bloodline storyline.

However, new twists and turns loom large as another Anoai Family member steps into the limelight – enter Lance Anoai. With his recent shift to free agent status following MLW’s cancellation of his contract, Lance is now poised at the edge of a significant crossroad. His tag-team partner, Juicy, has also walked down the release path, creating speculations about their next move. And the name buzzing on everyone’s lips in this intriguing new direction? WWE.

Lance Anoai isn’t quite a stranger in the WWE universe. As reported by Sean Sapp in his Backstage Report audio show, the promising young wrestler has had a WWE tryout in the past.

“Lance Anoai had a WWE tryout a few years ago. He’s also worked a few television taping events in nice spots but he wasn’t signed,” Sapp revealed. He added that although Lance had appeared on WWE’s radar multiple times, there had been no solid indication of the organization’s interest.

“He worked for NOAH throughout this year. He’s worked for WWE three times over the last five years. I know he worked SmackDown with Rhett Titus. He worked NXT against Authors of Pain. He even had an encounter with Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns was involved in that segment. He’s been on their radar for a decade,” Sapp shared.

The question now is whether Lance Anoai’s free agent status will finally act as the catalyst in his potential journey to WWE. Could his addition be the next thrilling chapter in the gripping Bloodline saga? As the situation remains fluid, all eyes are on Lance and his future in pro wrestling. Will he bring new dynamics to the WWE, or is his destiny tied to another ring?

One thing is for sure, the wrestling world waits with bated breath to see where Lance Anoai will pop up next. As he continues to be a tectonic force in the ring, his tale serves as a reminder of the enduring Anoai family might and their continued significance in pro wrestling.

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