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Ronda Rousey WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Mocks WWE Universe

WWE Extreme Rules was one exceptional show where the end was shocking, but also predictable. Fans waited for the entire show to see Bray Wyatt return with his characters in real life. Abby The Witch or White Rabbit, they all returned and they were six superstars in general.

Fans have already started calling it Wyatt 6. While that was the shock of the show, another shocker came in the form of SmackDown Women’s Championship changing hands. Liv Morgan didn’t look weak during the show and put on effortlessly extreme performance.

The performance was exceptional, and Liv didn’t tap out to Ronda Rousey. She passed out and that is a better way of putting someone out. She was also seen smiling despite her loss which made fans wonder if she will embrace the dark side.

Ronda Rousey took to Instagram to post her thoughts about the fans’ desperation and annoyance with her win. She didn’t mince her words and was clear to say that fans can go ahead and cry about the situation somewhere else.

This is Rousey’s second run with the title. Her first title reign ended at the Money in the Bank show when Liv Morgan cashed in her MITB briefcase after Rousey’s match. Liv won the title and had since been a fighting champion.

She defeated every obstacle in her path, and so fans had expected that she would defeat Ronda Rousey too, but that wasn’t the case. Ronda reigned supreme and stepped out as the champion. We would have to see how this new reign pans out in the days to come.

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