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Op-Ed: WWE gave away everything with Bray Wyatt’s return

(Disclaimer: The opinions mentioned in the article are those of the writer and don’t necessarily express the views of Pro Wrestling News Hub)

WWE is one company that knows how to play The Game. The wrestling juggernaut has always done things in the right manner. They have planted easter eggs upon multiple returns (barring Elias’ brother), but it looks like they gave away everything in an attempt to appease the fans.

WWE Universe wanted to see Bray Wyatt back in the WWE. The word ‘surprise’ has a meaning to it, but if you give away everything then what’s the surprise for and what is the fanbase supposed to make out of it?

The WWE telling its fans that the secret will be out on a specific date and giving away clear signals, what else was expected for the fans to decode? Everything was available on a silver platter for the WWE fans, and all they had to do was wait for it to happen.

While the segment went well, one must keep such big things as a surprise. It adds that shock value (which was there, but not as expected) but if everything is out and people know when someone is about to debut or return, the shock value closes down.

Think of it as this for a moment. You own a doughnut shop and you have an opening date, which is a good one, but what if a hamburger shop also opens up but without any fanfare? Who would get more traction? While doughnuts are tasty, the hamburger will get more traction because people will be amazed when did it open up and that will lead to more customers.

The doughnut shop will have the fans on one specific date, but what about the other days? The other days will go silent. The hamburger on the other one will be inviting customers every day out of curiosity. WWE should have gone with that approach.

Riddle was at the top of the entrance ramp and then if the arena would have gone black then people would have been amazed and glued to television. They would have seen the presentation and even seen who returned. They would keep speculating if it’s Aleister Black or Bray Wyatt or someone else.

The ‘surprise’ factor gets missed out and that leads to problems for all. If there’s enough for everyone, then everything will be in order and much appreciated. WWE missed the mark as they gave everything away. They should have kept things under thee wraps and given signals during the show, with mic going off, or the lights changing colors to keep everyone involved.

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