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Santos Escobar Discusses Ripping The Mask Of Dragon Lee

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently had WWE SmackDown Star Santos Escobar as a guest on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, where he discussed a variety of topics including how he always wanted to wrestle in the United States.

This is what Santos Escobar said:

“I wanted to wrestle in America. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to wrestle for the Fed, but I didn’t know how. I come from a Lucha family. I became an international Lucha Libre figure in Mexico, Japan, but I wanted to cross over. I wanted to do it here. I saw people do it before me. I saw of course, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, all the people that came back then, El Dandy, Los Villanos, Lizmark, Hector Garza, Halloween, Damian 666, you know, all the people before me, Psychosis.”

Santos Escobar also spoke about how ripping the mask of WWE NXT North American Champion Dragon Lee at Survivor Series: WarGames was 100% not scripted.

This is what Santos Escobar said:

“At Survivor Series, I tore Dragon Lee’s mask. That was 100% non-scripted. That was just the heel in me. I think it’s important that our audience gets that feel because now we have Dragon Lee. Now we have Axiom. Now we have Rey. Now we have more and more people diving into the Lucha culture, but really, really doing it, like the mask and the tradition, the respect that’s behind the mask, so it’s important that our audience knows for a fact that when someone goes against the mask, it means something. It ups the stakes. We were in Chicago of all places. Chicago is Mexico, so when I tore that mask, I could feel the white heat.”

You can check out Santos Escobar’s comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the quotes.

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