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Sarray Triumphs at Sukeban Show, Despite WWE Return Rumors

Recently, the pro wrestling landscape was abuzz with speculation as former WWE Star Sarray, widely recognized among Japanese aficionados as Sareee, returned to the U.S. stage. On December 6, 2023, at Sukeban’s show, fans witnessed the celebrated talent once again perform on American soil. Rumors had been making the rounds of a potential WWE comeback. Yet, it was soon clarified that Sarray’s future would shine under different banners.

Detailed reports uncovered that Sarray inked a multi-year agreement not with WWE, but with the rising Japanese women’s wrestling promotion, Sukeban, which has set its roots in the dynamic wrestling hub of New York City. The promotion’s second notable event featured a powerhouse encounter between Sareee, Countess Saori, Atomic Banshee, and Babyface – a match that conjured excitement and showcased the skills of these fierce competitors.

Under the moniker “Sareee Bomb,” a reference to her explosive wrestling style, Sarray joined forces with the Cherry Bomb faction, adding to the stable’s allure and competitiveness. The bout was a whirlwind of athletic prowess and strategic cunning, with the competitors laying waste to each other both within and outside the ring’s boundaries.

Journalists and fans alike were gripped by the action. Sarray faced relentless pressure, including a grinding test against the guard rail and a fierce exchange with Countess filled with brutal forearms and strategic moves, such as a seamless Northern Lights suplex. However, it was Sarray’s agility and killer instincts that shone brightest.

After enduring an onslaught of attacks and managing to escape pin attempts, Sarray unveiled her remarkable athleticism and fighting spirit. A precisely executed missile dropkick nearly secured her the victory. It was, however, the combination of a Muta Lock and a perfectly timed running dropkick that solidified her triumph, much to the approval of wrestling insiders.

Reigniting her career stateside, Sarray’s performance was not only a testament to her skill but also proof that the fire within her has yet to be extinguished, regardless of her WWE departure. While backstage rumors once suggested WWE held interest in re-signing the Japanese star, it appears that no formal offer had been extended, rendering discussions about her WWE prospects “overblown.”

Looking back, Sarray’s WWE tenure began with great promise in February 2020 before coming to an end in March 2023. Despite that chapter closing, her wrestling journey continues with the same vibrancy, rekindling excitement among followers in the industry.

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