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Sasha Banks’ Future Remains A Mystery But Gets Clearer With News Of Recent Trademarks She Has Filed For

Sasha Banks and Naomi left the WWE in May of this year, allegedly walking out after a difference of opinion with then still chairman, Vince McMahon. The dispute was of course over a creative matter and the direction of their characters and the future of their tag team…they were champions at the time, and their walk out led to the vacating of the titles.

Over the long months since their departure, there have indeed been a lot of rumors floating around online as to what their future held and there have been clues, but they have only led to more confusion.

There have been talks about Banks joining in with AEW over the long months, but that has not come to fruition. Then there were rumblings that she was still indeed with WWE and just recently at Crown Jewel, her image was placed back on the vignette that starts any WWE programming (as was Naomi’s), however the following Monday, her image and the image of Naomi, was once again removed.

The plot thickens…

And of course, after a few months of radio silence, they each have popped up on social media, have done plenty of events including a fashion show together, they also together were at the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and interestingly enough, Sasha has been seen training in the ring with Juventud Guerrera….

Guerrera last wrestled on a large scale for AEW in a one-off match against Chris Jericho back in 2021. Again…many still speculate that a return to WWE is inevitable, as the following video also suggests.

via Pink Sport /YouTube

Sasha has also been seen working on her flexibility and her other social media posts have been suggestive in terms of hints…. For example, she posted pictures of Boston when AEW was in Boston…and WWE will be in Boston for War Games, so it’s interesting to say the least. But confusing as well; maybe even frustrating.

But something big is coming as she herself stated on social media earlier this month: 

“As time passes, there’s been so much growth and there’s been so much beautiful opportunity and a journey that I’ve been loving, but as the time also goes on, the date is coming that I’ve been waiting for… the past six months and I can’t wait. But I’m really gonna make most of this November to make all my dreams happen in preparation for this date that I’ve been waiting for…

I’m very excited and I hope you guys come along for this journey, which I know a lot of you have been with me for so long, so thank you, but I just wanna let you know there’s going to be something so fucking crazy coming.”

via Wrestling Headlines (Transcription)
via God Of Modz /YouTube

As per a report at Wrestling Headlines, the situation has gotten even more mysterious. As it turns out, Banks has filed for specific trademarks:

Statement Maker, Mercedes Mone’, Mone’ Talks, Bank Mone’

-Via Wrestling Headlines (link below)

Here are the official filings:

“IC 014. US 002 027 028 050. G & S: Jewelry; Jewelry and imitation jewelry; Pins being jewelry
IC 016. US 002 005 022 023 029 037 038 050. G & S: Decals; Stickers; Posters made of paper; Stickers; Collectable printed trading cards; Collectible printed trading cards; Pictures in the nature of printed photographs; Printed post cards; Printed postcards; Printed posters
IC 021. US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. G & S: Coffee mugs; Drinking glasses; Water bottles sold empty
IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Hats; Leggings; Pants; Shirts; Socks; Bandanas; Sweatshirts; Hooded sweatshirts
IC 028. US 022 023 038 050. G & S: Action figure toys; Action figures; Action figures and accessories therefor; Toy action figures
IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services in the nature of live audio performances by an actor or musician; Entertainment services in the nature of live visual and audio performances by an actor; Entertainment services in the nature of live visual and audio performances by an actor or musician; Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a professional wrestler, actor, and musician; Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a professional wrestler, actor, and musician; Entertainment services, namely, providing music tours in the nature of live musical performances; Entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable prerecorded music via a website; Entertainment services, namely, televised appearances by a professional wrestler, actor, and musician; Entertainment, namely, live music concerts; Providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network; Providing on-line music, not downloadable; Providing on-line videos featuring a professional wrestler, actor, and musician, not downloadable; Providing online music, not downloadable.”

-via Wrestling Headlines (Transcription)

The word has been that officially, Banks is still under WWE contract—many have alluded to this—but the way it works in WWE, if a trademark is filed for a specific moniker, it is WWE that files for that particular trademark, not the individual wrestler, or rather that is most often the case if not always…however there are exceptions.

Of course, in later stages of a wrestler’s career (and Sasha is a huge star for sure), they can own their trademarks (and some even at a younger stage), but that means negotiating with WWE as The Rock did and Steve Austin did…even the late Ultimate Warrior, who actually legally changed his name to Warrior, Warrior in order to be able to legally use that name.

In AEW however, the wrestlers themselves file because in AEW, they are allowed to work the Indies as well…essentially doing business, bookings and making deals for themselves. AEW does file trademarks as well, but the monikers of wrestlers if so desired, and the registering thereof is aloud for these specified reasons.

Now if Banks is going into I don’t know, music on the side, then this might be what these monikers are for, but it’s still quite the mystery…one that we’ll have to wait for more clues to solve.

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