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Shannon Moore Celebrates Sobriety: WWE’s Role in His Recovery Journey

3 Key Points:
– Shannon Moore acknowledges WWE’s pivotal role in his six-year sobriety.
– Moore opened up about his past struggles and WWE’s assistance through their rehab program.
– Transitioning from wrestling to counseling, Moore now aids others in recovery.

Shannon Moore, a name well-known to wrestling fans, has reached a significant milestone in his personal life. The former WWE Superstar has achieved six years of sobriety, and he directly attributes this accomplishment to the support provided by WWE’s rehabilitation program.

In an intimate conversation with The Tampa Bay Times, Moore delved into the details of his past challenges with addiction. He candidly discussed the moment he realized he required assistance and how reaching out to WWE Hall of Famer, Brian “Road Dogg” James, became a turning point in his life. “The first thing an addict does is start blaming people,” Moore confessed. “So for me, there was a lot of resentment and blame, putting everything on my ex-wife. It was all my fault. I just wasn’t taking ownership of the situation and my addiction.”

The clarity that led to transformation began with a call to James, during which Moore expressed a bleak outlook on his future. “I said, ‘Hey dude, you’re probably going to hear about me on the news. Something bad is going to happen.'”

Fortunately, the outreach to James – and through him, to WWE’s rehabilitation program – ushered in the support Moore desperately needed. His candid recollection underlines the stark reality of his situation before the intervention, sharing, “Then I had one last desperate cry for help. The WWE saved my life.”

Moore’s prior struggles have been publicly documented, including his precarious mental state that might have resulted in harm to his ex-wife or even himself. Thankfully, his proactive step to seek aid altered the course of his life and possibly averted an irredeemable tragedy.

Now, Shannon Moore is more than a wrestling persona – he serves as a beacon of hope. Currently, Moore is utilizing his lived experiences to provide guidance and support to those facing similar battles, working as a counselor at Riverside Recovery of Tampa. His commitment to service extends beyond himself: “I have a taste for service and want to use my platform to help somebody.”

Moore’s transformation is not just a testament to his resilience; it also shines a light on the WWE’s commitment to supporting its performers, past and present, through times of adversity. Moore’s new path in life underscores the possibility of recovery and change, proving that with the right support and determination, individuals can rewrite their narratives and, in turn, inspire others to do the same.

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