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Shawn Spears’ WWE NXT Return: Bully Ray Questions AEW Use—

3 Key Points

  • Shawn Spears, previously known as Tye Dillinger in WWE, keeps his AEW ring name upon NXT return.
  • Bully Ray expresses delight at Spears’ WWE comeback but critiques his AEW utilization.
  • Speculation around what led to Spears’ less impactful AEW stint and eventual release.

Shawn Spears’ Wrestling Journey: From WWE to AEW and Back

Shawn Spears makes a notable return to WWE’s NXT, this time under the moniker he adopted during his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) tenure. Wrestling fans and pundits alike have closely observed Spears’ career trajectory, highlighting the significant transition from his WWE departure to his AEW stint, and now a full-circle return.

Bully Ray’s Take on Shawn Spears’ AEW Term

On the airwaves of “Busted Open Radio,” wrestling legend and former TNA World Champion Bully Ray shared his enthusiasm for Spears’ WWE return. However, Bully Ray didn’t hesitate to delve into Spears’ AEW period, pointing out what he perceives as missed opportunities and mismanagement of Spears’ talent in AEW. Reflecting on Spears’ AEW debut, which set the stage for a high-profile feud via a shocking chair attack on Cody Rhodes, Bully Ray lamented the lack of follow-through on what could have been a pivotal “AEW moment” for Spears.

Assessing Spears’ AEW Impact and NXT Prospects

Despite an attention-grabbing start in AEW, Spears struggled to find his place within the promotion. Efforts to revitalize his character, including aligning with wrestling veteran Tully Blanchard, didn’t yield the expected results, leading to Spears’ underutilization. His request for release was granted in December, following a hiatus from AEW programming since early September of the same year. Spears’ return to WWE NXT has ignited discussions on his potential within NXT and how his prior experiences might shape his utilization moving forward.

The journey of Shawn Spears across major wrestling promotions symbolizes the dynamic nature of the industry and the challenges talents face in establishing their legacy. As Spears embarks on his latest wrestling chapter with WWE, the industry watches keenly, hopeful for a resurgence of the performer once known as “The Perfect 10.”

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