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Sonya Deville’s New Venture During Injury Hiatus Explain

3 Key Points

  • Sonya Deville is currently rehabilitating from an ACL injury incurred during a SmackDown episode.
  • Amidst her WWE absence, Deville is participating in a movie project.
  • The film, titled “DNA Secrets,” features Deville in the role of a police officer.

Sonya Deville’s Injury and Recovery

After sustaining an ACL tear on the July 28th episode of SmackDown, Sonya Deville has been on the sidelines, focusing on her recovery. This injury put a pause on her in-ring activities, sidelining her for a considerable period. Speculation about her returning for The Royal Rumble was rife, yet, she did not make an appearance, leaving fans in anticipation.

Exploring New Horizons: Sonya Deville in Film

Intriguingly, Sonya Deville has ventured into the film industry during her recovery, showcasing her talents beyond the wrestling ring. She recently shared a glimpse of her involvement in a movie project through her Instagram stories. This project is currently being filmed in Pinellas County, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

The movie, “DNA Secrets,” sees Deville portraying a law enforcement officer. This cinematic piece is under the guidance of David Yates, recognized for his work on the “Dolphin Tale” series. The plot unfolds with a gripping narrative revolving around an antique store owner who, after distributing DNA kits as gifts, plunges into a mystery involving her family members’ sudden deaths, ultimately realizing she might be the killer’s next target.

Awaiting Deville’s WWE Return

As the professional wrestling community awaits Sonya Deville’s return to WWE programming, her engagement in diverse projects like “DNA Secrets” keeps her busy. Her foray into acting during her injury layoff not only broadens her skillset but also maintains her connection with fans outside the wrestling world. The impact this detour might have on her wrestling career and future opportunities within WWE upon her comeback remains a topic of interest and speculation among fans and industry observers alike.

How will Sonya Deville’s involvement in this movie project influence her professional wrestling career? Share your thoughts on her expanding career trajectory and the possible effects on her role within WWE once she reenters the ring.

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