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STARDOM Star Giulia Delays WWE Debut to Support New Promotion

  • Giulia commits to assisting in the launch of a new promotion before transitioning to WWE.
  • Her decision underlines strong loyalty and integrity towards the professional wrestling community.
  • Eager anticipation surrounds Giulia’s eventual WWE debut.

Giulia’s Noble Decision

Giulia, acclaimed STARDOM wrestler, recently made headlines by postponing her highly anticipated WWE start. This move comes as she chooses to fulfill a promise to Rossy Ogawa, STARDOM’s founder, aiding him in establishing a new wrestling promotion. WWE, having expressed keen interest in bringing Giulia onboard, respects her choice, highlighting her respect for commitments within the wrestling world.

Commitment Over Contract

Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shared on Wrestling Observer Radio that Giulia’s fidelity to Ogawa’s vision overrode the lucrative WWE offer. Her decision not only emphasizes her loyalty but also showcases her dedication to the grassroots of professional wrestling. It sends a strong message about valuing relationships and promises in an industry often criticized for its cutthroat nature.

What Lies Ahead for Giulia

While the wrestling community awaits Giulia’s WWE arrival with bated breath, her commitment to support the launch of Ogawa’s new venture before stepping into the WWE ring exemplifies her standout character and integrity. Giulia’s journey remains a testament to her admirable qualities, promising an impactful future in WWE when the time comes.

Giulia’s decision provides a compelling narrative in the wresting industry, setting a remarkable precedent for professional conduct and commitment. Let us know your thoughts on this development and how it impacts your view of Giulia as she prepares for her future WWE endeavors.

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