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Sting’s Iconic Rafter Entrance Revisited: Eric Bischoff and Booker T Weigh I

3 Key Points

  • Eric Bischoff applauds Sting’s nostalgic entrance on AEW Dynamite, reminiscent of his WCW days.
  • Bischoff highlights the importance of balancing nostalgia without overindulging, praising AEW’s approach.
  • Booker T expresses admiration for Sting’s segment and discusses Darby Allin’s significant role in Sting’s career finale.

Sting’s Memorable Rafter Descend in AEW

With Sting gearing up for his farewell match at AEW Revolution, a recent Dynamite episode paid homage to his iconic WCW entrance as he descended from the rafters. This move not only saved Ric Flair from The Young Bucks’ assault but also reignited memories of “The Crow” Sting, arguably the pinnacle of his wrestling career. Eric Bischoff, former WCW figurehead, shared on his “Strictly Business” podcast, his admiration for the segment, considering it a well-executed nod to Sting’s legendary persona.

Balancing Nostalgia in Wrestling

Eric Bischoff emphasized the delicate act of integrating nostalgia into wrestling, cautioning against overdoing it. His perspective suggests that AEW managed to strike the right chord by utilizing Sting’s historic entrance strategically, enhancing the build-up to his retirement showdown without overshadowing current talents and storylines.

Booker T’s Perspectives and Darby Allin’s Role

Booker T, another wrestling stalwart and WWE Hall of Famer, also applauded Sting’s revisited entrance. He reflected on the segment’s nostalgic value for Sting and doubted “The Icon” would reconsider his retirement post-Revolution. Moreover, Booker underscored Darby Allin’s instrumental role in accompanying Sting during his concluding wrestling chapters, acknowledging Allin’s significant contribution to this memorable phase of Sting’s career.


The reactions of Eric Bischoff and Booker T to Sting’s AEW Dynamite entrance encapsulate the wrestling community’s appreciation for moments that bridge past and present. Such segments not only pay homage to wrestling’s rich history but also underscore the importance of seamlessly integrating wrestling legends with current stars, enriching the storytelling canvas for fans worldwide.

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