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The Miz’s Convincing LA Knight Impersonation Shakes Backstage, Eyes Intercontinental Championship Next

The WWE universe knows well enough the volley of surprises that The Miz, one of the most celebrated WWE Superstars, can pull off within and outside the squared circle. The latest of these being his convincing impersonation of fellow wrestler LA Knight making even the backstage crowd second guess.

Having previously won several championships in WWE, The Miz’s dedication is no secret. His capability to fit into any role, be it within the main event spotlight or otherwise, makes him a cornerstone the company heavily relies on. Recently surfacing is the compelling narrative of his solid feud with LA Knight, which further painted him as an adaptable player in the business.

During an action-packed episode of Monday Night RAW on August 28, The Miz escalated this feud with Knight by molding himself into the latter’s character. He left no stone unturned in copying Knight’s appearance, demeanor, and even his promo style. Appearing before the camera, he was more Knight than Miz, perplexing viewers and co-workers alike.

Revisiting this iconic impersonation during a conversation with TNT Sports, The Miz gleefully recalled how he successfully fooled many behind the scenes. “It’s funny, backstage, when I was kind of going over my head and kind of getting his voice – like I was trying to get into the character, so I had all this stuff on, people were mistaking me as LA Knight,” said The Miz, basking in the success of his elaborate joke.

What took the surprise further was the revelation of people questioning Knight’s unexpected appearance at the venue. “They’re like, ‘What’s LA Knight doing here?’,” chuckled The Miz, now certain of his impersonation mastery.

However, The Miz’s wrestling journey doesn’t end with this successful prank. The horizon shows promising battles, with his sights set firmly on the Intercontinental Championship. The upcoming Survivor Series Premium Live Event on November 25th will witness The Miz challenging Gunther for the prestigious title. Will ‘The A-Lister’ rise to the occasion again catching the wrestling world off-guard or will the tables turn against him?

The wrestling fans are left to ponder on The Miz’s impressive LA Knight impersonation and the upcoming fight. Got opinions? Share them on our comments section below!

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