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The Professionalism of WWE’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Questioned Amid Hollywood Controversy

One Big Thing

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a WWE superstar turned Hollywood A-lister, is facing allegations of unprofessionalism on the set of his new movie “Red One,” causing a stir in both the wrestling and film industries.

The Allegations

  • Reports from The Wrap claim Johnson has been arriving on set “an average of seven to eight hours” late.
  • His alleged tardiness has escalated the film’s budget by an estimated $50 million due to delays.
  • An insider’s harsh critique: “Dwayne truly doesn’t give a f**k.”

The Defense

  • Other sources close to the production and Johnson’s own company, Seven Bucks, argue he’s been no more than an hour late.
  • Amazon MGM, the film’s studio, suggests the budget remains within the expected range at around $250 million, countering claims of financial blowouts due to delays.

Why It Matters

This controversy sheds light on the intricate balance between star power and professional expectations in Hollywood, especially for figures like Johnson who bridge the world of acting with other industries such as professional wrestling. It raises questions about accountability, the cost of delays on major film productions, and how personalities from other entertainment realms adjust to the rigorous schedules of movie making.

In the broader context, the incident emphasizes the pressures and potential reputational risks faced by wrestlers transitioning to mainstream entertainment roles, and how their actions off the ring—or set—can impact perceptions across their multifaceted careers.

What do you think about The Rock’s situation? Does this change your view of him as a professional in the entertainment industry? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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