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The Strategic Advantage of Being in NXT According to Roxanne Perez

One Big Thing: Roxanne Perez highlights the invaluable experience gained in NXT, emphasizing character development and learning from wrestling legends ahead of her second Royal Rumble appearance and potential main roster move.

Why It Matters

NXT, WWE’s developmental territory, plays a crucial role in preparing talent for the grand stages of Raw and SmackDown. Perez’s journey underscores the importance of NXT in shaping wrestlers’ careers, from refining in-ring skills to character building.

Key Points

  • Perez’s participation in the Royal Rumble and a match on Raw After WrestleMania 40 marks significant milestones in her wrestling career.
  • In an interview, Perez detailed her NXT experience, highlighting the fun and excitement in developing her character under the tutelage of Shawn Michaels and Coach Bloom.
  • The NXT Women’s Champion has entered the 2024 WWE Draft, aiming to bring the title to either WWE Raw or SmackDown.
  • Perez dreams of competing against Becky Lynch and AJ Lee, showcasing her ambition in the wrestling world.

Looking Ahead

Roxanne Perez is poised for a bright future in WWE, with her sights set on significant achievements and dream matchups. Her time in NXT has not only honed her wrestling capabilities but also prepared her for the challenges and opportunities lying ahead on the main roster.

What are your thoughts on the importance of NXT in a wrestler’s career development? Let us know in the comments below.

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