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Bully Ray Highlights Potential Challenges in Cody Rhodes vs. LA Knight WWE Feud

One Big Thing

Bully Ray shares insights on the potential downsides of Cody Rhodes facing LA Knight for the WWE Universal Title, expressing concern over audience division and booking strategies.

Key Points

  • Cody Rhodes is set to face a new challenger at the upcoming WWE Backlash PLE in France.
  • The contender will be decided in a match between AJ Styles and LA Knight.
  • Bully Ray questions how the audience will respond if LA Knight, a fan favorite, becomes Rhodes’ first challenger post-title win.
  • He emphasizes the importance of keeping pressure on Cody Rhodes, comparing his need for a strong heel opponent to past challenges Cody has overcome.
  • Concerns are raised about WWE’s ability to maintain interest in Rhodes’ storyline now that his year-long narrative arc has concluded with him as champion.

Why It Matters

The discussion by Bully Ray brings to light the delicate balance WWE must maintain in booking Cody Rhodes’ championship reign. The right opponent and storyline are crucial in keeping the audience engaged and ensuring Rhodes’ success as a champion doesn’t stalemate. This analysis serves as an early indicator of WWE’s creative challenges ahead, particularly in sustaining momentum post-WrestleMania 40.

Looking Ahead

As WWE navigates the aftermath of Cody Rhodes’ championship victory, the selection of his opponents and the crafting of his feuds will be pivotal. The feedback from industry veterans like Bully Ray underscores the complexity of keeping WWE storylines fresh and compelling, especially for a champion who has achieved a significant milestone.

Do you think LA Knight is the right first challenger for Cody Rhodes, or should WWE explore other options? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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