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The Undertaker Reflects on Wrestlers’ Commitment After Australian Event

3 Key Points

  • The Undertaker reprimanded WWE locker room following a show in Australia due to underperformance.
  • Despite the criticism, he acknowledged the achievement of drawing a massive crowd.
  • WWE’s recent return to Australia marked a significant event with over 50,000 attendees.

Locker Room Leadership

The WWE Hall of Famer, Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway, known for his influential role backstage, shared an insightful story on his “Six Feet Under” podcast. He reminisced about a time when he felt compelled to confront the entire locker room after a lackluster performance during a WWE house show in Australia. Calaway highlighted the significance of the event, which grossed over a million dollars, a rare feat for house shows then.

Addressing the Locker Room

Calaway described the post-show scenario where, despite the fatigue, he gathered the performers to express his disappointment over their effort. The “Deadman” spent close to an hour criticizing the wrestlers for not living up to the standard expected of them, emphasizing the importance of pride in their performance. This incident, as Calaway pointed out, was a wake-up call for many in the roster, underscoring the remarkable achievement of attracting such a huge audience.

The Australian Milestone

The conversation shifted to a more recent event, highlighting WWE’s successful return to Australia with the Elimination Chamber show. This event, held at the Optus Stadium in Perth, drew an impressive crowd of over 50,000 fans, marking the first Premium Live Event held in the country. It serves as a testament to the continued global appeal and growth of WWE, showcasing the company’s ability to draw large audiences worldwide.

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