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There Is A Feeling In WWE That Vince McMahon May Return To TV Soon

After retiring from the WWE last July and stepping down from his duties as the CEO, Chairman and Head of Creative due to paying nearly $20 million in previously unrecorded expenses, almost $15 million of which were hush money for the sexual misconduct allegations he received from four women over the past 16 years and $5 million of which to the now-defunct foundation of former U.S. President Donald Trump, Vince McMahon forcibly made his way back to the company, returned to the Board of Directors and would ultimately be named the Executive Chairman of the Board. It was believed at the time that Vince would not be involved in the day-to-day affairs and the management structure would remain unchanged.

Stephanie McMahon then tendered her resignation as co-CEO and Nick Khan was named the sole CEO of the promotion and reports have made the rounds that Vince is already back at the office and is suggesting changes, but that Paul “Triple H” Levesque is still in charge of creative. Dave Meltzer reported on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio Program that that there is a feeling within WWE that Vince may return to television soon and it is expected that he will be getting a big reaction. Meltzer also noted that Vince has already made his way in the office and he is talking about things other than the sale so he thinks Vince’s fingerprints will be much more visible as time goes on and as far as creative goes, he believes Vince is doing it step-by-step.

This is what Dave Meltzer said:

“Vince is at the office, he hasn’t been to TV yet, but I say probably yet. Is he going to go on TV? There are certainly rumors running around that he will, I’ve asked people, and they wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s not like there’s a date. But is he going to be on a week from Monday? Is he going to be at the Rumble or whatever? Who knows, there’s that feeling that Vince is going to want to go out on TV, and he’ll get the big reaction when he does. He is in the office, he is talking about things other than the sale, and I think there’ll probably be more and more Vince fingerprints as time goes on. As far as creative goes, it just depends on… who knows? If Vince wants it, he’ll work to get it. He may do it slowly. Who knows.”

H/T to for transcribing the quotes.

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