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Tony Khan Plans Integrating ROH Content with AEW’s Future Media Deals

All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) expansion in the wrestling world took a significant leap when Tony Khan, the president of the promotion, acquired Ring of Honor (ROH) in early 2022. As it stands now, ROH operates as a subsidiary under the AEW banner, with recordings of its events taking place around AEW Collision’s schedule. Additionally, ROH has carved its niche in the digital streaming space, offering fans access to its episodes and Pay-Per-Views (PPVs) through its dedicated service.

As the wrestling community gears up for ROH’s eminent event, Final Battle, Tony Khan has taken to the media to shed light on the brand’s future, particularly in relation to AEW. During his media call, Khan highlighted the potential benefits of aligning ROH’s extensive content library with AEW’s television rights, especially as they move toward renegotiation in 2024.

The synergistic relationship between ROH and AEW presents a resourceful asset with five hours of AEW content airing weekly, supplemented by ROH’s vast media archive. Khan expressed his belief in the added value this partnership brings to both promotions, suggesting a united front when it comes to media rights discussions.

While Khan alluded to having past talks with various media companies regarding ROH’s distribution, a concrete deal did not materialize. The decision to keep ROH’s weekly show exclusive to streaming platforms was a strategic one, maintaining a level of caution regarding these preliminary interests.

A critical aspect of these ongoing considerations for Khan is the maintenance and growth of the relationship with Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD). Given that ROH operates independently from AEW’s deals with WBD, it appears that Khan’s strategy leans towards bundling the content rights of both wrestling promotions for their upcoming television rights negotiations.

As the professional wrestling landscape evolves, Tony Khan’s strategic pivot hints at a power play that could potentially enrich the viewing experience of wrestling fans worldwide. It is a clear indication that, under Khan’s oversight, both AEW and ROH may become an even more dominant force in professional wrestling entertainment in the near future.

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