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Top Dolla Discusses His WWE Departure and Future Endeavors in Wrestling

3 Key Points:

  • Top Dolla’s tenure with WWE concludes following a second release.
  • The wrestler reflects on his WWE experience and expresses no desire to return.
  • AJ Francis, formerly Top Dolla, is scheduled to compete in GCW against Joey Janela.

Top Dolla Opens Up About WWE Release

Breaking into the spectacle world of WWE is no small feat, and AJ Francis, known in the ring as Top Dolla, realized the intricacies of the industry rapidly. However, despite WWE’s expectations and a brief reinstatement, Dolla’s momentum within the company waned, eventually leading to his release last September.

Hit Row’s Short-Lived WWE Comeback

Upon Triple H’s ascendancy to supervising WWE’s creative sector, Hit Row returned—sans Swerve Strickland—in August 2022, only for Top Dolla to be let go the following month. This stint proved lackluster for the group, with Top Dolla’s tenure being remembered largely for a dive during a match that inadvertently became a life-saving misstep.

The Final Curtain Call at WWE

When queried by Riju Dasgupta about his WWE stint, Top Dolla revealed a profound appreciation for the alliances formed during his time there. Nonetheless, he stated decisively that he harbors no inclination to rejoin WWE. “They didn’t want me, you know what I’m saying? They proved it twice! So it’s like, I’m not the kind of guy that is going to keep going back to my ex-girlfriend, telling her how much I miss her. If you don’t need me, that’s cool, bruh; I hope it works out for you because I’m going to be alright,” he elaborated.

A New Chapter in the Ring

Charting a new course, AJ Francis (formerly Top Dolla) has already signaled his commencement in the wrestling world post-WWE. His confrontation against Joey Janela at GCW Look at Me event on January 26th in Tampa, Florida, signifies a burgeoning journey that presents opportunities to showcase his abilities unfettered by the confines of WWE.

As AJ Francis forges ahead with his wrestling career, all eyes will be on his performance in the independent circuit. Wrestlers often find new life and opportunities outside the mainstream spotlight, and fans will undoubtedly follow his ventures with anticipation. What are your thoughts on Top Dolla’s outlook and his potential for success on the indie scene? Share your views and engage with the conversation.

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