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Top Dolla Reveals Why He Was Backstage at Recent WWE RAW Event

3 Key Points

  • Top Dolla clarifies the reason behind his unexpected WWE RAW backstage presence.
  • The visit was inspired by an invitation from rapper Bun B to attend a Houston event.
  • Dolla’s appearance backstage stirred positive reactions, highlighting his wrestling career continuity.

As the wrestling world continues to buzz with excitement and intrigue, former WWE star Top Dolla has provided clarity on his recent appearance backstage at the WWE RAW event on March 11. This occurrence has sparked conversations and speculation among fans and industry insiders alike.

The Backstage Intrigue

The wrestling community was abuzz when news broke out that Top Dolla, who had previously been released from his WWE contract, was spotted backstage at the latest WWE RAW. This sighting was initially brought to light by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, stirring curiosity about the reason for his presence, given his current non-affiliation with the WWE.

Unveiling the Mystery

Addressing the speculations, Top Dolla took to social media to explain the circumstances leading to his unexpected WWE RAW visit. He shared that rapper Bun B had invited him to a performance in Houston. This opportunity led Dolla to the city, where a chance encounter with a fan at a rental car facility informed him that the WWE RAW event was taking place nearby. Enthused by the serendipity, Dolla decided to make a backstage appearance, a decision greeted warmly by attendees and fans alike. His tweet highlighted the warm reception he received, “EVERYONE I saw was excited to see me & that felt good… 💰”.

Continued Influence in Wrestling

Despite his release from WWE, Top Dolla’s involvement in professional wrestling continues to be significant. His current engagements with TNA Wrestling and his MLW debut underscore a diverse and continuing career in the sport. Whether or not a WWE return is on the horizon remains a topic of speculation among fans and commentators.

Top Dolla’s backstage visit reflects the interconnectedness of the wrestling community, where past affiliations don’t hinder current interactions or the potential for future collaborations. While his WWE future is uncertain, Top Dolla’s ongoing participation in pro wrestling’s broader ecosystem remains evident, offering exciting possibilities for his fans and followers.

Express your thoughts in the comments section below—will Top Dolla make a WWE comeback, or will he continue to carve his path elsewhere in the wrestling realm?

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