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Triple H Set To Be Removed From WWE’s Board Of Directors Once Endeavor Merger Goes Through

Triple H has been an executive at WWE since 2010. For 13 years now he has worn his power suit just as proudly as he wore his ring gear during his full-time wrestling days, but it seems that his time on the Board of Directors has come to an end.

News that WWE was sold has definitely made the rounds since it was first reported a few months back—specifically in April. Fans of the brand have been wondering just what the landscape of WWE would look like once the sale and merger was finalized. Well, that time is almost upon us and already the landscape seems to be changing drastically, as per reports.

It was reported first by Sean Ross Sapp of that Triple H (Paul Levesque) would no longer be on the board of directors for WWE once the merger went through completely, a position he has held since 2015.

-via Sean Ross Sapp official Twitter

What many are calling a “restructuring” is of course in order. This is of course the case with company sales and mergers, and when two conglomerate corporations come together, such as is occurring here with WWE and of course Endeavor, there are a lot of positions that are no longer necessary moving forward.

Two boards become one, so there can’t be doubles of each board member, so as it turns out, Triple H is out as far as the board of directors is concerned—perhaps others a swell, but that is conjecture at this point. The big news is that Triple H has indeed been taken off the board, which is a pretty big deal considering.

Triple H is of course a legendary pro wrestler whose list of accolades is indeed quite long, but he took a step back from performing years ago and has helmed or rather helped helm the company he had dedicated years to as a performer, but this time on the business and corporate side of things.

via WWE on YouTube

He has held many positions behind the scenes, so to speak, but perhaps none as important to him as his head of creative spot he nabbed for himself after Vince McMahon’s first retirement (which of course did not last).

But what of Triple H’s position as head of creative? Well, as it turns out, he will be keeping that position, to the relief of many who have been a fan of his booking since he started to helm the ship in that department.

His obvious support of NXT wrestlers, both men and female, is something to be appreciated, proving that NXT works as a launching pad for young and even seasoned worldly competitors. NXT was of course his baby from the start…his vision and obviously that vision was spot on, the wrestlers who have passed through the walls of the Performance Center are indeed doing well.

Iyo Sky is an example of that…her winning the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, and who can forget the sudden push for LA Knight? YEAH!

Perhaps the fact that Triple H can concentrate on one portion of the business is a good thing in the end, and maybe now he can give the fans even more in the creative department than he already has.

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