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Tully Blanchard Discusses Morning Drinking Encounter with Andre The Giant

3 Key Points:

  • Tully Blanchard recounts an unforgettable morning drinking experience with Andre The Giant.
  • Andre’s legendary drinking prowess is highlighted by his ability to consume substantial amounts of alcohol.
  • Ric Flair corroborates Andre’s legendary status by sharing another astonishing drinking feat.

Legendary Giants and Morning Toasts

The realm of professional wrestling is as much filled with athletic feats as it is with off-the-ring tales that capture the imagination. Tully Blanchard, a well-known figure in the wrestling industry, recently shared an early morning episode that involved none other than pro wrestling’s storied giant, Andre The Giant.

Dawn Cheers with Andre

During his chat on “Wrestling Shoot Interviews“, Blanchard depicts a vivid picture of what it was like to share a drink with Andre. Sitting next to the Hall of Famer on an early morning flight, Blanchard finds himself coerced into a drinking session completely out of his routine. His intention to rest quickly turned into a memorable, albeit taxing, drinking challenge due to Andre’s insistence.

Intoxicating Effects and Changed Plans

As the flight continued, mere two Bloody Marys were enough. They served to disrupt Blanchard’s entire daily schedule. Instead of heading to the gym as usual, he had no choice but to sleep off the effects of an alcohol-induced morning. Blanchard’s experience shines a light on the larger-than-life presence of Andre, not just in his size but in his capacity for liquor.

Andre The Giant’s Drinking Feats

In support of Blanchard’s tale, Ric Flair, another wrestling icon known for his own indulgent escapades, recounts an even more incredible incident. Flair attests that Andre once managed to consume an astounding 106 beers in a mere six hours. This account further cements Andre’s legendary drinking reputation among his peers and fans alike.

In the remarkable stories of Andre The Giant, shared by Blanchard and Flair, we find a glimpse into the extraordinary lifestyle that has become an integral part of professional wrestling lore.

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