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Update on WWE’s Liv Morgan Recovery, Alicia Fox Discusses Backstage Issues, and NXT Viewership Declines

Pro wrestling’s landscape is an ever-changing, action-packed arena where behind-the-scenes stories sometimes rival the in-ring drama. This week, stories concerning WWE’s Liv Morgan, former talent Alicia Fox, and a significant decline in NXT ratings have dominated the wrestling news cycle.

Liv Morgan, known for her dynamism in the ring, has been out of action since July with a shoulder injury. In a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, Raquel Rodriguez provided an update on Morgan’s status. “I’ve talked to Liv. She’s recovering well and is very anxious to come back. There’s no specific timeline for her return, but we’re all eagerly waiting,” said Rodriguez. Health updates from the wrestling community are always welcomed; fans hold their breath for Morgan’s triumphant return.

Parallelly, former WWE talent, Alicia Fox (aka Victoria Crawford), has been reflecting on her career. A recent guest on “The Pope’s Point of View” podcast, Fox openly discussed the backstage issues she faced. She expressed her understanding of why she was treated a certain way during her time with the company in a sobering insight into the business.

Fox also detailed an incident with Vince McMahon in 2015 regarding the handling of NXT call-ups. She voiced her concerns over main roster talents receiving unmerited demotions. Fox also revealed not receiving royalty checks from Team Bella merchandise sales despite actively participating in promotional efforts. These revelations provide a stark perspective on the challenges wrestlers face behind the curtain and the unbalanced power dynamics prevalent in the industry.

Switching gears, WWE NXT has reportedly seen a substantial decline in viewership. The October 17th episode suffered a large decrease in both the key demographic rating and ranking. Stiff sporting competition was a contributing factor, as were large drops in younger male viewership and older female viewership numbers. While these numbers may raise concerns, it’ll be interesting to see how WWE responds to the challenge.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you captivating stories from within the wrestling industry, viewed through the lens of the men and women who dare to step into the ring.

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