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Grayson Waller on Facing WWE Legends like John Cena and More

Step into the exhilarating world of WWE where fresh talents like Grayson Waller are etching memorable paths alongside legendary pros. Waller’s journey is one to watch, as he has already shared the ring with WWE legends such as Edge, Rey Mysterio, and the illustrious 16-time world champion, John Cena.

During a recent appearance on WWE’s After the Bell podcast, Waller reminisced about his surreal encounter with John Cena at WWE’s Money in the Bank event in July. A brief yet unforgettable interaction that saw Waller on the receiving end of an Attitude Adjustment nailer.

“For me, as a lifelong wrestling fan, John Cena is indeed the greatest of all time,” Waller candidly shared. The encounter at London’s O2 Arena, filled to the brim with energized fans, was nothing short of wild for him.

Waller said, “That arena was sold out. The vibe you get from English fans is distinct and unique, adding a different sprinkle to the experience.” However, Waller was not intimidated as he has always envisioned himself in places of such stature.

When called up, he knew he belonged there. Waller iterated, “When I came face to face with John Cena, I didn’t regard it merely as a grand opportunity. I’m not a smitten fan. I haven’t asked for his autographs or merchandise.” Waller finds his learning in the ring, contrary to the common backstage interaction. “I learn from John by being across from him and competing against him,” he added.

While Waller holds Cena in high esteem, he entered the ring with a professional approach, treating Cena as he would any other opponent in WWE. Waller believes had he adopted a fan mindset that night, his memorable Money in the Bank performance would have certainly been diluted.

The world of pro wrestling continues to evolve and flourish, with talents like Grayson Waller proving that the future of WWE stays in capable hands. His holistic approach to the ring is indeed a lesson for aspiring wrestlers.

(Quotes derived from WWE After The Bell’s podcast are credited with a nod to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.)

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