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Veteran Wisdom Overlooked in AEW Locker Room, Reveals Rob Van Dam

The landscape of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) ties together the old school and the new with an impressive roster featuring industry titans like Sting, Jeff Jarrett, and Chris Jericho, as well as iconic names behind the scenes such as Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, and Scotty 2 Hotty. While this mix presents an incredible opportunity for guidance, recent discussions have shed light on the dynamics between the promotion’s veterans and its burgeoning talent.

Rob Van Dam, a luminary in the wrestling world, shared a telling perspective during his chat on ‘Party with Marty.’ With experience spanning decades in pro wrestling, RVD’s words carry a significant weight. He remarked, “I heard Tully Blanchard say it, and I’m told Arn Anderson said it too, although that is hearsay, that the young guys don’t want their [the veterans’] input, ever.” Reflecting on the disposition of the younger wrestlers in AEW, he continued, “They never ask them, ever, for any help or anything on their matches and stuff… It makes me think, do they think they know it all? Do they not respect them enough?”

RVD pointed out a cultural shift within the industry, indicating that today’s up-and-comers may lack the mentoring once commonplace. He noticed this absence of eagerness to seek out advice from esteemed colleagues when noting, “But also, it’s awkward for them because they’re not taught like us, to go around and shake everyone’s hand and stuff.”

Although Rob Van Dam has voiced these concerns, he also acknowledged that during his time with AEW this year, there were indeed some younger stars who sought his expertise. This engagement indicates that the bridge between generations is still passable for those who show the initiative.

Concurrently, the wrestling legend Konnan has vocalized his observations, critiquing AEW wrestlers for prioritizing video games backstage rather than tapping into the wealth of knowledge their predecessors offer.

The overarching sentiment from these veterans implies a call to action for AEW’s rising talent. Leveraging the invaluable insights of seasoned wrestlers could not only enrich individual performance but also strengthen the foundation of AEW’s evolving storyline and in-ring product.

As this conversation unfolds, it provides the wrestling community with an opportunity to reassess the value of mentorship in sustaining the sport’s vibrancy and charisma across generations.

For those who follow and cherish the progression of wrestling’s rich tapestry, the hope remains that AEW can foster a culture of learning and respect that benefits from the synergy of its diverse locker room talent.

As we continue to monitor this storyline, it will be interesting to see how the intergenerational relationships evolve within AEW’s locker room. Will the young wrestlers begin to embrace the tutelage of their legendary colleagues, or will they carve their own path with a modern twist to the wrestling tradition?

For further insights and detailed accounts, credit to ‘Party with Marty,’ with a hat tip to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription of these candid revelations.

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