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Was Tiffany Stratton Buried? The NXT Superstar Responds

In the fiery world of WWE NXT, one female Superstar, Tiffany Stratton, who burst onto the scene back in 2021, has swiftly ascended the ranks, solidifying her place at the top echelons of the women’s division. Stratton’s prowess and unwavering dedication to her craft have not only won her impressive victories but also the coveted NXT Women’s Title.

However, the relentless world of pro wrestling is often fraught with sudden changes, and Stratton witnessed this first-hand when she lost her championship belt to the irrefutable Becky Lynch last week. This unexpected relinquishment of the title led many fans and observers to speculate that WWE was ‘burying’ Stratton. As a term often used in the wrestling business, ‘buried’ refers to a wrestler being taken out of main event storylines or repeatedly defeated, indicating that their star power or influence is diminishing.

Becky ‘The Man’ Lynch made a triumphant return to the wrestling developmental brand a few weeks ago, whereupon it was announced she would challenge Stratton for the prestigious NXT Women’s Championship. The ensuing showdown proved to be a spectacularly close one, with either Superstar in with a chance of victory. However, it was ‘Big Time Becks’ who emerged the victor, succeeding Stratton as the new NXT Women’s Champion.

In a recent no-holds-barred chat with, Tiffany Stratton vehemently dismissed the claims that Becky Lynch’s victory equated to her being ‘buried’. Stratton asserted that, on the contrary, this fierce competition served to raise her game on the wrestling mat.

“Absolutely not”, Stratton retorted on the accusations of being buried. I feel like even being in the same ring with Becky Lynch just immediately makes my stock go up. I definitely feel like Becky brought out the best in me in that match. And even though I lost the title, I feel like I did not come out with a loss. I gained so much from that one match.”

Tiffany further shared her admiration for Becky’s desire to mentor the younger talent, proving her commitment to nurturing the future faces of WWE. “She wants the best for everybody there. And you can definitely tell that for sure.”

The world of WWE NXT awaits with bated breath as Becky Lynch is slated to defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Tiffany Stratton in an adrenaline-racing Extreme Rules match at NXT No Mercy on September 30th. The quest remains whether ‘The Man’ will manage to retain her title against NXT’s resident Buff Barbie, Tiffany Stratton. Is she was buried or not? The answer lies in the perspective of each WWE viewer. Share your views in the comments section.

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