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Why WWE Decided Against Randy Orton’s New Theme Song

One Big Thing

Randy Orton’s anticipated return last November was hyped up for a new entrance theme, yet WWE decided to continue with his iconic “Voices” theme, steering clear of the proposed change.

Quick Facts

  • Randy Orton made a powerful return at Survivor Series, reigniting his status as a top WWE superstar.
  • WWE considered changing his well-known entrance theme “Voices” by Rev Theory, planning initially to go back to old music to reintroduce him, then shifting to a new theme.
  • Def Rebel produced a remix of “Voices”, but was quickly rejected by Orton, Triple H, and Michael Hayes within 10 minutes of listening.
  • Orton confirmed the potential change, expressing his contentment with sticking to the original theme.

Why It Matters

The decision to stick with Randy Orton’s original entrance music highlights the significance of consistency and wrestler identity in WWE. Entrance themes are more than just songs; they are integral to a wrestler’s persona and how fans connect with them.

The Moment That Defined The Decision

Corey Brennan on the Fightful podcast shared, “The only thing I can confirm now is when Randy Orton returned, they considered changing his music… Randy was not having that theme.” This inside look at the decision-making process shows how quickly plans can change based on the preferences of key figures within WWE.

In Conclusion

The direct input from Randy Orton alongside high-profile WWE executives showcases the collaborative environment of the organization, especially in maintaining a wrestler’s brand an.d connection with the audience. Fans’ happiness with the decision signifies the deep-rooted loyalty and recognition associated with Orton’s “Voices” theme.

Were you surprised to learn about the behind-the-scenes decision-making involved in Randy Orton’s theme music? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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