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Will WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus Return for Another Run? Weighing the Prospects

Ladies and gentlemen, the wrestling industry is buzzing with speculations on the possible return of WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, to the ring. After a brief comeback stint during the 2023 WWE Draft, the rumor mill has been churning with predictions of another full run. Let’s reflect back on Stratus’s recent return.

Drafted to the WWE RAW brand, Stratus showed fans that she still had the spark, gracing the ring in a series of matches that undoubtedly impressed the WWE Universe. However, her last encounter concluded dramatically with a decisive loss and a broken partnership with Zoey Stark. Despite the apparent setback, Stratus remains a RAW superstar, suggesting her potential comeback.

Unsurprisingly, about her return, Stratus is categorical: it depends on certain conditions. At the Big Texas Comic Con, she shed light on these boxes that need to be checked. She was quoted saying, “What is the creative? What am I going to come back and do? It has to check these boxes.” This indicates her desire for a creative, compelling narrative for her potential subsequent run.

Fans, however, can’t help but question if she would ever consider wrestling for another company. Indeed, the idea of Stratus switching sides has been intriguing, with some possibly imagining her in an AEW ring. Yet, Stratus decisively put these rumors to rest, with a curt, “Probably not.” It seems our WWE Hall of Famer is content within the wrestling empire – her home ground since her debut.

In short, the pendulum seems to swing towards an eventual return of the iconic superstar to the WWE ring, but terms and conditions apply. Trish Stratus is in no hurry to rush back and neither should she be, as the anticipation only keeps the fans’ excitement on edge.

Do you envision Trish Stratus making a triumphant return? Who would you like her to face in her next big match? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, as we continue to seek answers to these burning questions.

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