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Wrestling Commentary Shake Up: Corey Graves Reacts to Replacement by Pat McAfee in WWE SmackDown

In a candid discussion with fans and colleagues, WWE commentator Corey Graves has opened up about his feelings towards being replaced by Pat McAfee as the voice of SmackDown in April 2021.

Graves, whose voice has become synonymous with WWE broadcasts, found the move shocking and upsetting. Speaking on the Kurt Angle Show, Graves expressed feeling slighted professionally, sharing that he was informed of the decision, not by WWE management, but by McAfee himself.

“It felt like a punch to the gut,” he shared. “I’d paid my dues here, showing up week after week, and then I’m told, ‘You’re going from Friday Night SmackDown on FOX to Raw. There was no ‘thanks for the good job’ or anything like that. It felt like a betrayal.”

Graves highlighted that his issue was not with McAfee personally but with the abruptness and finality of the decision. He emphasized that his hurt came from being relegated after persistently serving both Raw and SmackDown for two years straight, without complaints. The commentator went on to admit that he felt it was unfair and initially took the news hard.

However, Graves credits his wife and WWE veteran Michael Cole, whom he refers to as his ‘boss/therapist’, for helping him navigate the emotional upheaval. They helped him see the situation from a business perspective. “Looking back, it’s just business. And sometimes you gotta do the stuff you don’t wanna do, so you can do the stuff that you do.”

While fans of Graves were equally shocked by the switch, the commentator appears to have adjusted to his new placement. Meanwhile, McAfee, though no longer a weekly feature, made a return alongside The Rock on the September 15 edition of SmackDown.

As of the latest updates regarding McAfee’s future in WWE, stay tuned!

Highlighting the resilient spirit of the wrestling industry, this change reminds fans and performers alike that the show must go on, regardless. Even if it means welcoming new voices and saying goodbye to familiar ones. Join us for the ongoing coverage of WWE’s future by following live events and updates.

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