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WWE and MLW Reach Settlement in Antitrust Lawsuit Battle

In what has been a significant development in the pro wrestling business landscape, Major League Wrestling (MLW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have reportedly come to terms regarding their legal feud, which began in early 2022. Initially, MLW brought forth allegations accusing WWE of engaging in monopolistic actions, asserting that the company leveraged its industry dominance to disrupt MLW’s progress, namely by blocking a potentially lucrative television deal. Such actions, according to MLW, were flatly in violation of antitrust laws.

The lawsuit painted a picture of WWE, driven by Vince McMahon’s influence, overstepping the bounds of fair competition. Among the accusations, it was claimed that even high-ranking officials like Triple H were involved in this alleged anticompetitive strategy, as exemplified by the alleged attempt to discourage Madison Square Garden from hosting events for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

WWE’s defense strategy was robust, stating that MLW’s lawsuit lacked substantial claims and should be dismissed. Despite these attempts, the legal system sided with MLW, allowing the lawsuit to continue. In a bold move, MLW demanded a comprehensive 22-year data record from WWE, presumably to bolster their case with historical evidence of repeated anticompetitive behavior.

As litigation trudged forward, both organizations braced for an extensive showdown. However, Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics unveiled through recently obtained court documents that the contentious climate had finally succumbed to reconciliation. He tweeted that the parties were in “the process of completing the final settlement documents” and anticipated an official dismissal filing in the upcoming thirty (30) days.

The resolution between the two wrestling giants is undoubtedly a wave of relief for the parties involved. Wrestling fans and industry stakeholders alike can appreciate the value in concluding these hostilities, allowing both MLW and WWE to redirect their resources and attention to what they do best—producing captivating wrestling content for fans around the globe.

The details of the settlement remain under wraps, raising questions among the wrestling community about the terms and potential impact on both entities moving forward. Nevertheless, this marks the closing of a significant chapter in the ongoing tale of professional wrestling’s intricate business partnerships and rivalries.

The settlement draws a line under the dispute, allowing both WWE and MLW to forge ahead with future projects unencumbered by legal distractions. What are your thoughts on this resolution between WWE and MLW? Do you believe it’s a positive outcome for the wrestling industry? Share your perspective in the comments below.

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