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WWE Champion Big E Predicts NXT’s Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker as Future Stars

In the intricate world of pro wrestling, a few words from a veteran could make monumental shifts in the career paths of the younger generation. Former WWE Champion Big E, renowned for his extraordinary journey from NXT to the zenith of the WWE Universe, recently shared his insights on the future prospects of the wrestling industry.

Big E, who marked a significant milestone by heisting the WWE Championship in 2021 through the Money In The Bank contract against Bobby Lashley, revealed his picks for the wrestlers to watch in the coming years. Speaking about the future torchbearers of the company on Busted Open Radio, Big E pointed towards two of NXT’s most promising stars – Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker.

“I really do think Carmelo Hayes is the future. Man, he’s young, super athletic,” Big E noted of Hayes, signaling that he sees a flare of his younger self in Hayes’s performance.

The former Champion also lauded Breakker’s versatile skillset which draws from his illustrious lineage and previous experiences in the NFL. “Bron’s another dude who I just think is immensely talented and a humble dude with his lineage. How he’s played in the NFL a bit and all the things he’s done…” Big E expressed.

Two young and upcoming wrestlers catching Big E’s attention is indeed an endorsement of their potential. Big E praised their eagerness to learn and improve, lauding their lack of arrogance as an essential trait seen in potential future champions.

The announcement comes just ahead of Survivor Series 2023. Fans and potential talents looking to see the big names in action, including future prospects, can join the festivities with the WrestleTalk crew at the Survivor Series Watch Party at the Long Arm Sports Bar & Pub in London.

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As Big E’s career continues to inspire younger talents, wrestling enthusiasts will be awaiting whether Hayes and Breakker can channel Big E’s faith in them into becoming the next big things in WWE. The future of WWE, it seems, is being written and guided by the stars of today.

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