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WWE Expands Talent Pool with New NIL Recruitment Class Including Wrestlers Lucas Davison and Stephen Buchanan

The world of professional wrestling continues to grow as WWE cements its commitment to fostering new talent through innovative recruitment strategies. In a significant announcement from Stamford, Connecticut, WWE unveiled its latest batch of collegiate phenoms set to join the prestigious ranks of sports entertainment.

As part of the Next In Line (NIL) program, WWE has entered into NIL contracts with fourteen promising collegiate athletes, marking a milestone fourth class since the initiative’s launch in December 2021. Celebrating two years since its inception, WWE’s scouts have cast a wide net, incorporating athletes from a broad array of sports disciplines, demonstrating the company’s dedication to diversity in talent.

At the forefront of the class stand two esteemed mat warriors: Lucas Davison, a two-time All-American wrestler from the University of Michigan, and Stephen Buchanan, a former Big 12 wrestling champion from the University of Oklahoma. These top-ranked grapplers bring their combat prowess to a domain where physical storytelling is as vital as technical skill.

The fourth NIL class also breaks new ground, boasting first-time participant backgrounds, such as Bayley Humphrey, an acrobatics standout from Baylor University; Adam Berghorst, a towering presence from Indiana State’s baseball diamond; and Slane Glover, an Ohio State cheerleader who has showcased his athleticism from the sidelines.

The scope of this class is not just limited to individual pedigree; it spans 14 universities and ten NCAA conferences, emphasizing WWE’s extensive recruitment drive. Since December 2021, WWE has embraced 60 college athletes into the realm of sports entertainment. Among them, seven have transcended to full-time developmental contracts, sharpening their skills at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

The NIL program doesn’t merely open the doors to the squared circle; it harbors the growth of well-rounded performers. Athletes engaged in the program receive unparalleled access to resources, such as media and brand building training, community relations, and content creation. This holistic approach aims to foster the Superstars of tomorrow, equipped to captivate audiences on all fronts.

WWE’s outreach and developmental strategy are bolstered by the impressive digital footprint of its recruits. With the program’s athletes boasting over 12 million TikTok followers and five million on Instagram, WWE’s social strategy aligns with its vast online community—ample evidence of the organization’s influential stature on social media.

The continuous success and evolution of WWE’s NIL program exemplify the company’s investment in future talent, ensuring that the pipeline of charismatic, athletic performers remains rich. Fans can anticipate new faces, fresh talent, and the unyielding excitement that prospect Superstars bring to the WWE Universe.

To catch a glimpse of the potential WWE Superstars and perhaps future champions, visit for more information on the Next In Line program and its impressive class of athletes.

With these strategic signings, WWE not only strengthens its commitment to showcasing diverse athletic talent but also solidifies its role as a powerhouse for nurturing the next generation of wrestling icons.

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