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WWE Insider Reveals Instruction to Avoid The Rock vs. Roman Reigns Speculation

One big thing: WWE instructed staff to avoid discussing The Rock vs. Roman Reigns match

Former WWE personality Matt Camp revealed in a Reddit AMA that he was told not to speculate about a potential match between The Rock and Roman Reigns during WWE Raw Day 1.

Key details:

• Camp hosted Raw Talk and post-shows during his WWE tenure
• The instruction came after The Rock’s appearance on Day 1, where he dropped the “Head of the Table” line
• Camp felt “like an idiot” for not being able to connect the obvious dots
• A backstage interview with The Rock from that night remains unpublished

Why it matters:

This revelation offers a glimpse into WWE’s behind-the-scenes strategy and their careful control of narrative, especially regarding high-profile matches and storylines.

Behind the scenes:

• Camp mentioned an unpublished backstage interview with The Rock from that night
• He hinted that evidence of this interview exists on the interviewer’s Instagram
• The interviewer was not Jackie (likely referring to Jackie Redmond, a WWE backstage interviewer)

What’s next:

WWE is set to release a documentary on July 3 detailing the backstage build to WrestleMania, including:

• The creative pivot from The Rock facing Roman Reigns
• The decision to make it a tag team match with Reigns

The big question:

How do you think WWE’s strict control over storyline speculation affects fan engagement and the overall product? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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