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WWE NXT Update: Ridge Holland Addresses In-Ring Incident with Ilja Dragunov

3 Key Points

  • Ridge Holland comments on NXT in-ring incident involving Ilja Dragunov.
  • Angle intended for storyline advancement, reactions mixed within WWE.
  • Ilja Dragunov scheduled to defend NXT title at New Year’s Evil event.

Ridge Holland Speaks Out on Recent NXT Injury Scenario

In the latest developments from WWE NXT, Ridge Holland has publicly addressed the incident that occurred on December 19, 2022, leading to Ilja Dragunov’s on-screen injury. The incident has fueled discussions among fans and insiders, sparking various reactions to the storyline’s direction.

What Happened to Ilja Dragunov on WWE NXT?

The episode in question saw a match between Holland and Dragunov come to an abrupt halt. The scripted injury angle resulted in Dragunov being taken away from the scene on a stretcher, causing a stir amongst the NXT audience.

The Controversy Behind the Scenes

Holland later took to social media to express his sentiments, tweeting an apology to Dragunov and showing solidarity with his injured colleague. The supposed injury is part of a storyline, with early insider reports labeling the creative decision as “a bit controversial.” According to Fightful Select, internal sources expressed satisfaction with the execution and the resulting audience reaction.

Reactions to the Performance

Insider information suggests that the NXT production team was content with both the performance and the angle. Although the live crowd reportedly recognized it as a plot device, the swiftness with which the next show was introduced likely mitigated any concerns.

The Road to WWE NXT New Year’s Evil

With the stage set for January 2, 2024, Dragunov’s NXT Championship will be on the line against contender Trick Williams at the WWE NXT New Year’s Evil event. The aftermath of the injury angle and Hollands’ remorseful reaction are sure to add layers to the unfolding narrative.

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