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WWE NXT Viewer Numbers Decline: An Analysis of Audience Trends and Ratings Over Time

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the viewer landscape is constantly evolving. The latest figures for WWE’s NXT show on USA Network indicate a downward trend in viewership. Last Tuesday’s WWE NXT drew 798,000 viewers, experiencing a drop from the previous week’s 921,000 viewers. Even more critical is the shift in the key 18-49 demographic which has seen a rating drop from 0.30 to 0.23.

Studying these fluctuations is crucial for understanding the performance of pro-wrestling in the competitive television landscape. This current viewership represents a notable decline when considering the NXT viewing figures from this time, last year. On October 18, 2022, the NXT show attracted 676,000 viewers, garnering a 0.18 rating. Rewind a year further to October 19, 2021, and the figures are even less favorable, with only 606,000 viewers and a rating of 0.14.

Undoubtedly, these downgrades in viewership numbers and ratings are cause for concern for WWE and warrant close scrutiny. While the overall viewership number is vital, the key age demographic performance can be particularly telling about the show’s relevance and popularity among younger audiences. WWE NXT, like any show, must consistently innovate to retain viewer interest and attract new audiences.

As a pro wrestling news analyst, I will keep a close eye on these trends and present regular updates from credible sources such as This will enable our readers to stay informed about the WWE NXT’s performance and understand how it fits into the broader wrestling landscape. It’s a fascinating time in professional wrestling, and these statistics form a crucial part of the narrative. Stay tuned for more insights into the world of pro wrestling.

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