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WWE Raw: Ilja Dragunov Reflects on First Main Roster Loss to Jey Us

One Big Thing

Ilja Dragunov suffered his first defeat on the WWE main roster against Jey Uso on the May 13 episode of WWE Raw. Despite the loss, Dragunov remains optimistic about his future in the company.

Key Takeaways

  • Dragunov and Uso faced off in a highly anticipated match on Raw
  • Uso’s victory sets him on course to face Gunther on the May 20 episode
  • In a post-match interview, Dragunov reflected on his loss, stating, “Where actually is the shame to lose to the man called ‘The Main Event’, right?”

Why It Matters

Dragunov’s first loss on the main roster marks a significant moment in his WWE career. Despite the setback, his positive attitude and determination to become “an entire monster” when in pain showcase his resilience and potential for growth. As Dragunov continues to make waves on the main roster, his journey will be closely watched by fans and industry experts alike.

Dragunov’s Thoughts on Uso vs. Gunther

When asked about his predictions for the upcoming match between Jey Uso and Gunther, Dragunov responded, “They’re both like the absolute bar. The only prediction I can make is for myself and this prediction is no-one is safe anymore.”

Booker T Praises Dragunov

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke about the appeal of Ilja Dragunov, stating that people will talk about him “20 years from now,” highlighting the impact Dragunov is making in the wrestling world.

What do you think about Ilja Dragunov’s first loss on the WWE main roster? Do you believe he has what it takes to become a top star in the company? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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