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WWE Salutes Sting’s Retirement: AEW’s Jim Ross Comments

3 Key Points

  • WWE’s acknowledgment of AEW icon Sting’s retirement marks a rare cross-promotional nod.
  • AEW’s Jim Ross praises WWE’s gesture on Grilling JR podcast, highlighting its class.
  • Sting’s storied journey from avoiding WWE to Hall of Fame induction and AEW signing.

A Significant Acknowledgment

During a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE did something uncommon by recognizing a moment from AEW—Sting’s retirement. This gesture caught the attention of the wrestling world, showcasing a rare acknowledgment of an event outside WWE’s realm.

Jim Ross’s Appreciative Response

On his podcast, Grilling JR, AEW commentator Jim Ross expressed his gratitude towards WWE for this respectful act, describing it as “classy” and a testament to professional respect across wrestling promotions. Ross, appreciating the professionalism, emphasized the significance of WWE’s action, despite the companies’ usual competitive stance.

Sting’s Legacy

Sting’s journey in professional wrestling is legendary, often characterized by his long-standing avoidance of WWE. Eventually, he joined WWE in 2014, leading to a series of memorable matches and his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. Sting’s influence remained impactful as he later transitioned to AEW in 2020.

Further Insights

In related developments, a WWE Hall of Famer disclosed that Sting requested his physical involvement in what was slated as Sting’s final match at AEW’s Revolution event. This anecdote underscores Sting’s enduring passion for wrestling and his respect among peers.

WWE’s public salute to Sting’s retirement from AEW underlines the interconnectedness of the wrestling industry, despite the competitive landscape. Jim Ross’s comments further highlight the mutual respect that transcends company allegiances, bringing attention to the shared history and contributions of wrestlers like Sting to the sport.

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